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15 February 2014

Regarding medical marijuana.

Link 1: http://trove.com/me/content/OCtK4

Bunch of bullcrap bunk. If weed can stop HIV, why is Atlanta the city most affected by AIDS in America right now? Lots of weed smokers there...

In all seriousness, studies do not show any such thing. Medical marijuana may be able to mitigate the effcts of certain HIV medicines, but as of right now those claiming so are doing so by interviewing HIV patients who use, NOT by conducting research in properly controlled, administered, double blind studies with their results published in peer reviewed academic journals.

I have seen other claims about medical marijuana, such as that it helps or even cures everything from migraines, ADHD, cancer, high altitude sickness, MS, Tourettes, high blood pressure, diabetes, epilipsy, depression, and so on. (One such example is linked below.)

Folks, you can take this to the bank -- before any substance can be called "medicine," it must go through some rather rugged research. Marijuana has not been through that level of research.

At this point someone may say, "Well, it helped me with..." That's great to hear, and no one is calling you a liar (I certainly am not), but... testimonials are not enough. Properly administered trials are, with their results and the methods used to obtain them publicly published.

"But!" someone may object further, "Meth and cocaine are both Schedule 2 drugs! So is Botox!" Those substances have been proven to have medical uses. Meth can be prescribed under the brand name Desoxyn (though most doctors won't bother), while cocaine can still be used as an anesthetic (though we have drugs that do the job better and do not stimulate the nervous system like cocaine does; most hospitals do not even carry it anymore.). Botox is used of course for cosmetic purposes and apparently for migraines now.

Medical marijuana hasn't had the same level of research partly because of federal funding being stripped and banned for it. It shouldn't have been. We should restore funding for research for it.

(But there's little hope with this Congress doing so, especially with sequestration STILL in effect. The sequester has destroyed scientific research in America, which is one possible reason Thunderf00t is out of a job right now and is e-begging despite holding degrees up the wall. Wouldn't surprise me, though I doubt he'll admit it.)

Speaking of thunderf00t, remember when VenomFangX tried claiming that radioactive decay rates could be sped up by a factor of a billion by putting them into a different chemical enviornment? Thunderf00t (much as I despise him) took that one down easily. I wonder what thunderf00t would say about this ad? It is worse than what VFX said? You be the judge.

Link 2: http://cdn3.drsircus.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/medical-marijuana-HC2.png

According to "Dr." Mark Circus... er... Sircus... apparently you can smoke weed and decrease the effects of radiation poisoning. If only Louis Slotin had smoked some weed before working on the Demon Core that killed him!

To wrap this up -- medicine is far more tightly regulated than casual substances. There are many reasons why, from not only making sure the medicines work to ensuring costs are mitigated. Dismissing those steps in favor of testimonials isn't the way to go, regardless of how compasionate you're trying to be.